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Wednesday, 16 August 2017

How To Start a Website In 15 Minutes and Make A lot of Money

Start a website one of the best kept secrets is to make money and passive income. Let us set you up with your own Wordpress blog today! Disclosure: This publication contains affiliate links

I am a web developer for over 14 years, so I learned to drive most simply the best price available methods to drive and deliver.

Click here to open the configuration page in a new window, then follow my quick and easy steps for beginners.

You will a live website and your own domain name (free) in 15 minutes less than the cost of a coffee.

You do not need to hire a web developer! Anyone can start their own website. Even my grandmother of 82 years is a webmaster for the site of the museum in his village.

5 Reasons to Start a Website

  • Worth for your resume and professional email
  • Generate passive income (earn money while you sleep - keep reading)
  • Gives you the freedom to work from anywhere
  • It's ridiculously simple and affordable (and fun)
  • So my grandmother does not show you ...  
Grandma's WordPress site..

4 steps to start a WordPress website

Wordpress is a free Content Management System (CMS) that anyone who can create design, write and manage their own website. The platform gives 25% of all sites (including CNN, NASA, and this site!) And totally friendly.

Wordpress is installed on a host. We use the Bluehost an attachment in 1 click and also many other parts to start and run a website for you. Your procedure is simple and costs nothing

Select and register a domain name

A domain name is what people use in their browser to display your website. is a domain name. It is also used for email when

There are a variety of domain name extensions available, including .com, .org, .net, .info. .com is the best viewed, but also the most popular, so your preferred .com name can already be registered.

Registration usually covers £ 10 ($ 13) per year, but you can get this link for free:

1. Click here to block the free domain offer
2. Click on "Start Now" and select the "Basic" plan for the moment
3. Enter your preferred domain name to check availability.

If your domain name is available, you will see the page "Create your account". Congratulations! Go to step 2.

If this is not available, you will be asked to try another variant. Consider editing a word ( is handy), using dashes (-), adding a number or choosing another extension (for example, .info).

Note: Don't stress about getting the perfect domain name. They often pop into my head as I build my sites, and it's easy to move an existing website to a new domain. Today is about getting the site live..

Configure web hosting

Each website must be hosted. A web host is just a home for your site and its content (like a remote computer). The host "serves" the website to visitors when they enter your domain name. It sounds much more technical than that! In just a few clicks, you will be configured and ready to start displaying for the world to see.

There are hundreds of hosts, but Bluehost is by far the best choice for beginners.

Why Bluehost? 6 main reasons:

1. Affordable (starting at $ 2.95)

2. Reliable (99.9% availability)
3. Free domain name, email addresses and 1 click on the installation of WordPress
4. General Support and Training Guides
5. 30-day full refund policy
6. Officially recommended by WordPress

Once you have found a domain name, simply continue creating your Bluehost account.

The "Basic" package is more than enough for most websites, and you can uncheck the other paid options for now if you do not want them. You do not need to enter a VAT number if you do not have one.

Package bluehost

Cost of the 12-month base plan.

To secure the superb monthly price, you must pay at least one year ($ 71.28), but it is cheaper ($ 2.95) for three years ($ 127.44). This is ridiculously cheap for what you get.

There is no contract and Bluehost has a 30-day full refund policy. Even if you want to cancel after that, you can get a refund for what you will not use!

Make the initial payment using the details of your regular card or PayPal (click on "more payment options"). Again, it will be in USD but you do not need a US bank.

Installing WordPress on Bluehost

Technically speaking, your online presence at this stage is certain, but if someone goes to your site, there will not be much to see! It will not be long for the moment ... You are installing over Wordpress that allows you to manage your entire website, including easy to manage, content and design without any technical experience or programming experience.

Wordpress is used by 80 million websites, including the website 🙂 It was designed for the first time for blogs, but also online stores and the main news sites such as CNN and MTV use today.

A connection to your account and Bluehost, from the system control to "Wordpress installation".

Install Wordpress

Congratulations - your website is live in the world! Exciting is not it? 😀

choose a topic

If you go now to your site, it will be very simple and empty. Go ahead and change the theme of your new website.

Click on your WordPress Admin area, click "Appearance"> "Themes" and browse hundreds of free themes easily navigate.

If you find you like, click on "Preview" or "Install" to apply the topic with a single click!

WordPress Themes

As expected, Wordpress also makes it incredibly easy to start writing content that looks good. Click the "Add New" button to open the editor window, which looks like the typical word processing.

Wordpress Admin publisher

Wordpress administration area - free with Bluehost

Once you have published a few articles on the subject of your website, you have many ways to grow your audience to start and even make money!

Take action.. only those who work gain..

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