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Thursday, 1 February 2018

14 Signs You've Found Your Work Wife

1. You both remember EXACTLY when you went from one friendly colleague to another. One day you greeted you uneasily in the bathroom, the next day you realized that you had the same taste as Netflix and therefore that the seed was planted.

2. Eating lunch together is usually your favorite part of the day. The day you find a buddy on your desk every day instead of the sadness of lunch is the day your life really started.

3. Drinking coffee is a ritual you do not want to skip. You need your dose of Caffeine 16h and your BFF work to keep you in the Starbucks line. When the day comes to an end, you must have everything for 1000%.

4. You stick to happy times like glue. You know that the whole purpose is to mess up and make new friends, but you already have your friend and you want to catch up with him. So, when someone asks you, you'll both be sitting in a corner, ignoring everything vaguely.

5. You know that "let's take this to the text" means some serious members will fall. There are only a few incidents of bullshit work that can not be pronounced aloud, but YOU MUST SPEAK AS SOON AS YOU CAN.

6. They exchange special and subtle looks that nobody else sees. If you can see your friend who gets it, if your other colleague is aggressive, it means that you are leading your way through the day.

7. You give tips to improve your work. You have thought about ways to solve problems and always feel that you are in a safe place.

8. The most stressful days are so much easier when they are nearby. Other people may not realize that you have had successive meetings and have not yet eaten, but your working wife will bring you a sandwich in no time.

9. They sent ridiculous things at the worst of times. Of course they send you a meme that makes you laugh just before you hit your boss.

10. You are happy just because you are there. Did you have a bad weekend where you have to stop thinking about it? Seeing your wife at work on Monday and learning to literally talk about something else will heal you.

11. You understand the eternal misfortune of not having a place where you can talk privately ~. Of course, the day your private life is in ruins and you need a quick scream with your friend when all the conference rooms are booked.

12. Working without them is much less good. Even if you like your job, having one of your favorite people for a day is not so bad, and you can not wait to return to make your workday feel full again.

13. They would have super mixed feelings if they were going for another job. Part of you would be very happy to continue and get a promotion / raise / work that will fill you up, but also: WTF, NOOOO, WHAT TO DO NOW ???

14. You graduated from work, and it's the best. You live for weekend brunch where you can spend all the time together.

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